Multidisciplinary legal assistance for players from different sectors

de Tilla Studio Legale offers consultancy in a large number of legal subjects with a transversal and multidisciplinary approach. The goal is to combine the experience and solidity of the legal tradition of professionals with the dynamism of an activity carried out in close contact with the business world and its evolutions.

The deep knowledge of judicial and arbitration procedures allows the Firm’s professionals to follow clients in every phase, starting from the pre-litigation one. Particular attention is paid to the evaluation of the merit of the issues. This occurs both in the conduct of ordinary and special judicial proceedings, involving all jurisdictions, and in the use of the most recent alternative dispute resolution tools.

The Firm is structured to ensure assistance throughout the national territory through a network of qualified external collaborators, many of whom have top positions in the representative bodies of the Bar at the local level (offices of Courts of Appeal and circumscriptions of Courts).

de Tilla Studio Legale boasts great experience and specific expertise in the areas of:

banking law,
commercial and corporate law.

Since its foundation, the Firm has provided legal assistance to companies and individuals in significant legal disputes on important issues.

Banking law and Factoring

The Firm deals with assistance in banking litigation and, mainly, in the matter of credit lines and revocations of banking relationships, invalidity of sureties, invalidity and terminations of mortgages and loans, execution of contracts for the purchase of bulk loans pursuant to art. 1260 and ss. c.c. and of Law no. 52 of 21 February 1991.

Commercial and corporate law

The Firm provides advice and assistance to companies and management in disputes concerning the liability of the members of the corporate bodies and their revocation, the validity and the challenge of board and assembly resolutions (also in relation to the approval of the financial statements and of shareholders’ withdrawal), complaints to the Court for serious irregularities, sale of shareholdings, fulfillment of shareholder agreements, option contracts and investment agreements.

Bankruptcy law and corporate restructuring

de Tilla Studio Legale provides assistance and advice to companies in a state of crisis, as well as to those subject to insolvency proceedings (including large companies in extraordinary administration), representing liquidators, bankruptcy trustees and extraordinary commissioners in a wide range of issues legal matters concerning both corporate management and the reorganization of the business:

The assistance also covers litigation activities against the corporate management and control bodies, as well as the recovery and assessment of receivables by proposing revocation actions (ordinary and bankruptcy) and for damages.

de Tilla Studio Legale offers advice and assistance to clients in disputes concerning all real estate and construction issues. Topics dealt with by the Firm are also those relating to disputes between individuals deriving from the construction and execution of building works in relation to legal requirements and urban planning instruments.

The assistance and consultancy activities, which relate to the main legal issues relating to real estate law, are carried out by the Firm both in the out-of-court context (such as bargaining, reorganisation, development and enhancement of real estate assets), and in the judicial field.

The advice of an expert lawyer is essential in managing a critical moment such as that of generational transitions to protect the assets of a family. Respect for deadlines and attention to every aspect make it possible to pass on assets and governance to the heirs without running into legal and bureaucratic problems.

de Tilla Studio Legale deals with examining the composition of the assets and its legal form, with the best definition of the client’s needs and the modalities of the “transition” using the most suitable legal instruments.

The advice of a professional specialized in the branch of law linked to the fashion and art sector can be essential for operators in these areas. Within the de Tilla Studio Legale team there are lawyers specializing in fashion and art law. Our experts in the field provide assistance in the management of legal relationships concerning the protection of works of art and their authors as well as products related to the fashion supply chain.

The fashion lawyers and art lawyers of our firm have specific skills in contracts, succession law, copyright. They are experts in the fields of unfair competition, trademark use, violation of royalties regulation and many other aspects.