Bankruptcy law: the effectiveness of legal assistance from an expert firm

Making use of the experience gained by a lawyer specialising in bankruptcy law is an effective strategy for companies that are faced with crisis or insolvency situations. de Tilla Studio Legale provides assistance and advice to companies subject to pre-bankruptcy and insolvency procedures, also subject to bankruptcy and extraordinary administration. the Firm represents liquidators, bankruptcy trustees and extraordinary commissioners in a wide range of legal issues that may concern both corporate management and the reorganisation of the business.

Legal assistance also covers disputes against the administration and control bodies, as well as the recovery and assessment of credits.

Bankruptcy law and insolvency procedures

The firm can count on a solid knowledge of bankruptcy law and on a consolidated experience in the field of insolvency procedures. In this area of law, legal assistance is aimed at finding solutions for the management and definition of crisis and insolvency situations through the use of:

  • crisis management procedures,
  • recovery attestation plans,
  • debt restructuring agreements,
  • procedures for resolving the debt crisis,
  • arrangement with creditors
  • judicial liquidation (bankruptcy),
  • bankruptcy agreement
  • compulsory administrative liquidation,
  • extraordinary administration of large companies in a state of insolvency.

The activity of the de Tilla firm in the bankruptcy field

In the field of bankruptcy de Tilla Studio Legale:

  • assists customers in the procedures for admission to liabilities, credit assessment and opposition to the passive state,
  • provides assistance in disputes to oppose bankruptcy sentences;
  • assists its customers in ordinary and bankruptcy revocations;
  • offers advice in disputes concerning opposition to the passive status project and complaint to the allotment plan;
  • assists potential buyers in negotiations aimed at taking over movable or real estate assets in liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings.